FLUX Console

          Inspired by the playful yet dynamic nature of a firework sparkler, the FLUX Console Table is a uniquely sculptural piece of furniture using a single energetic line that flows as an infinite and unsupported loop.

          This singular loop is made up of over half a kilometer of individual strands of braided brass wire, giving the piece a textured directional movement, and thereby highlighting its graceful twists and turns.  The thick bevelled glass top is connected harmoniously to the loop by a series of ultraviolet bonded polished brass fittings.


 - Additional pieces in the Flux Collection to follow.

 -  Price list available on request.

 -  Bespoke sizes available.


-  Dimensions : 156cm L x 52cm D x 83cm H

                                      61" L x 20" D x 32" H 

-  Available in Brass, Copper or Stainless Steel