Folding Chair

          With its unique patented folding process the chair folds completely flat, to a depth of just 3cm, in one effortless movement. The chair is made from a series of flat geometric panels that are linked together and contained within its own encasing frame.

          Each panel is constructed from several high-strength laminations designed to flex and support the user, providing an unexpected level of comfort. A ‘docking station’ is also available to store 4 chairs.  Originally manufactured by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

-  Open: 47cm L x 50cm D x 81cm H  /  Folded: 47cm L x 3cm D x 77cm H

   Open: 18.5" L x 19.7" D x 31.9" H / Folded: 18.5" L x 1.2" D x 30.3" H

-  Currently out of production.

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