This collection of furniture is inspired by objects that have been left exposed to incrustation from the sea.

          Their shape, once crisp and clear, soon becomes blurred and secondary as the sea-life encapsulates and transforms them, taking over the objects original skin and clothing it in their own. 

          The barnacles that adorn this chest of drawers were taken from original specimens of the Balanus Poreatus barnacle; collected in 1921 for the Natural History Museum, London. Their form has been 3D scanned, edited and then cast to produce a variety of shapes and sizes.  This ensures that every object from the collection will always be unique with a varied barnacle placement each time.

-  Finish :  High Gloss black lacquered carcass

                 Metallic gold lacquered castings.

                 Metallic gold interior drawer finish.

-  Dimensions :  145cm L x 48cm D x 80cm H

                           57" L x 18.9" D x 31.5" H

-  Bespoke sizes and drawer configurations are available.

-  Price list available on request.