STELLAR Rectangular Mirror

          Part of the award winning Stellar Collection - the Stellar Rectangular Mirror is inspired by the precious qualities of naturally forming amethyst geodes and machine cut diamonds.  The large expansive centre of the mirror is in stark contrast to the turbulent seam of the individually sized and angled mirrored sections that surrounds its edges.


          This change in surface creates an optical dispersion that breaks down the light and the surrounding environment, delivering each piece to the eye as one sparkling entity. As the ambience of the environment changes throughout the day, so too does the colour and lustre of the table, creating an ever changing focal point to a room.

-  Dimensions : 98cm L x 10cm D x 206cm H

                          38.6" L x 3" D x 81.1" H

-  Bespoke sizes available.

-  Price list available on request.