TWEE-T Pendant Light

          A household with a caged bird has been commonplace from as early as 2,000 BC. Ancient hieroglyphics have shown the Egyptians keeping them as tributes to their gods and the beauty of nature. Romans caged parrots as a form of comedic entertainment. Whilst in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, birds were usually only kept by royalty or the very wealthy as a sign of good breeding.

TWEE-T is a light that playfully re-imagines this once familiar and admired household object. Bringing light, song and conversation into an environment.

The base of each lamp is fed by hidden cables that light a powerful array of LED’s downwards and a more gentle ambient light upwards. Spotlighting the bird itself - produced by renowned Italian ceramicists - BOSA

-  Finishes :  Black / 24-carot gold plate. 

-  Dimensions :  46cm H or 56cm H x 41cm Ø

                           18.1" H or 22" H x 16.1" Ø

-  Manufacturer :

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